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Adjustment of Status for Spouse and/or Children of Green Card Holder

The United States immigration process is confusing for most people, and while some individuals can navigate the system alone, many people find it helpful to work alongside an immigration attorney to achieve immigration goals.

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How Can I Help My Family Member Become a Permanent Resident?

In 2020, according to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), 508,291 persons born outside the United States were living in Pennsylvania. The group includes everyone from those who have been naturalized to those who have just arrived, whether with a visa or without.

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Appealing a Naturalization Denial

For someone who already holds a green card, applying for naturalization is the final step in a long journey to becoming a U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, it can feel demoralizing to have your application for naturalization denied.

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Understanding Waivers and Cancellation of Removal

The federal government continues to work to reform and improve the U.S. immigration system. Regardless, any undocumented immigrant living in the country may face the possibility of removal based on federal government orders. During the fiscal year of 2019, approximately 359,885 undocumented immigrants were removed from the United States.

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