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Contracts are legally binding agreements between two or more parties involved in a business. A contract outlines the rights, duties, and responsibilities of each party to the agreement. However, for the contract to be legally binding, it must be properly drafted, and all concerned parties must agree to its terms. Negotiations may also be required to finalize the contract.

If you’re a business owner trying to draft a contract, consulting with an experienced Pennsylvania business law attorney is crucial for proper guidance. Attorney Sabir has devoted his career to offering personalized legal services and knowledgeable guidance to clients in business law and contract-related matters. He’s available to discuss your unique situation and guide you through the intricate processes involved in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts.

Sabir Law Group proudly serves clients in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, and throughout the greater Philadelphia area.

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Common Business Contracts

A business contract can be described as a legally binding agreement between two or more parties or entities that are involved in a business transaction. Examples of business contracts include:

  • Employment agreements

  • Purchase orders

  • Bills of sale

  • Partnership agreements with other businesses

  • Licensing agreements

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Promissory notes

  • Indemnity agreements

  • Property and equipment leases

Having a properly drafted business agreement is important to define expected duties, clarify business relationships, and outline the rights of the parties involved. A skilled business law attorney can help you understand the processes involved in drafting contracts and make sure the agreement is legal and enforceable.

Why Establishing Enforceable Contracts are Important

Here are some reasons why it is important to establish a business contract that is legally binding and enforceable:

  • To protect the interests of the parties involved

  • To prevent erroneous interpretation

  • To mitigate potential disputes and disagreements

  • To clarify rights, responsibilities, and obligations of each party and hold a non-compliant party liable

  • To reduce uncertainty and guarantee confidentiality

An experienced attorney can enlighten you about the elements of a legally binding contract and strive to ensure that your rights and interests are well protected.

Essential Elements of a Binding Contract

For a business contract to be legally binding, it must meet certain requirements. Below are the key elements of a legally binding agreement:

Offer – One party must make an offer to the other party.

Acceptance – The other party must accept the offer.

Legal purpose – The contract must be for a legal purpose.

Consideration – This is the value that each party contributes to the contract, for instance, monetary payments.

Capacity and Competency – The involved parties must be legally competent, of sound mind, and have the capacity to enter into a business contract.

Making sure your business contracts are legal and valid is crucial to mitigate potential issues. An experienced lawyer can discuss your unique goals and help you avoid common mistakes when drafting your contract.

Common Contract Pitfalls

If you are trying to draft a business contract, here are some common pitfalls to avoid:

  • Failure to perform due diligence

  • Failure to document all agreed-upon terms (written agreements)

  • Failing to define duties, rights, and responsibilities

  • Omitting termination or default clauses

  • Overlooking dispute resolution

  • Using pre-filled contracts from the internet

An experienced attorney can help review the contractual terms and conditions thoroughly and work diligently with all parties involved to resolve contract disputes.

How Legal Counsel Can Help

Ensuring that your business agreements and contracts are correctly drafted, reviewed, and negotiated is critical in order to protect your rights and best interests. At Sabir Law Group, Attorney Sabir has the diligence to help business owners navigate the complexities involved in drafting business contracts. He will review the contractual terms to make sure they are valid, legal, and enforceable, as well as help draft business contracts that comply with Pennsylvania law.

Business Contracts Attorney in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

If you need detailed guidance when drafting, reviewing, or negotiating business contracts, contact Sabir Law Group today to schedule a simple consultation. Attorney Sabir can offer you the detailed legal counsel and reliable advocacy you need to move forward. The firm is proud to serve clients in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, and throughout the greater Philadelphia area.